This is how good customer service works

This is how good customer service works

Good customer service strengthens the bond between customers and your products, services or brand. But what is good customer service and how can it be improved in the company?

What is customer service?

Customer service, customer service or often also called English customer service, means all services that a company provides to satisfy its customers. This includes customer advice and assistance, guarantee and maintenance as well as the handling of complaints and complaint management .

Accordingly, customer service does not take place exclusively after the purchase of a product, as is often wrongly assumed, but also before the purchase or accompanying the purchase in the form of advice or assistance and support with questions.

What is the difference between customer service and customer support?

Customer service, customer support, customer care – isn’t it all the same? Although the terms are quite similar, they differ in meaning.

While customer service includes all areas of the customer journey, i.e. the customer’s entire purchase process, and is designed to strengthen customer relationships in the long term, customer support or customer care means more of short-term support for customers, for example with troubleshooting or technical problem solving.

Customer support and customer care are therefore requested directly by the customer and react reactively to customer problems. Customer service, on the other hand, proactively relies on interactions with customers and prospects to improve customer satisfaction throughout the purchase.

What is the goal of customer service?

Of course, good customer service focuses on the customer himself. The aim is to offer an extraordinary customer experience and to increase customer satisfaction. In this way, interested parties can become regular customers and, ideally, recommend your products to others. If you can even exceed your customers’ expectations, your chances of building a long-term customer relationship increase.

There are various key figures that can be used to measure how successful your customer service is.

You can consider the following KPIs for your customer support team:

  • Response time: How long does it take on average for a customer inquiry to be answered?
  • Solution time : How long does it take on average to find a solution to the customer’s problem?
  • Number of support requests: On average, how many customer requests do you receive per day?
  • Customer Rating: How do your customers rate the customer support?

In customer service, for example, you can observe the following:

  • Customer lifetime value : average customer value
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Questioning customers after purchasing the product
  • Net Promoter Score: How likely is it that a customer would recommend your business to a friend?

Why is good customer service important?

With good customer service, you don’t just score with individual customers. Your company also secures a competitive advantage. With good customer service, you can set yourself apart from your competition. In addition, good customer service also strengthens the bond with your customers and prospects. If they feel comfortable with you and well advised, they will buy from you again in the future. By offering an all-round positive shopping experience, you bind your customers to your products and services. Good customer service also makes a significant contribution to the profitability of your company.

Tips for good customer service

  • Easy contact
    Offer your customers easy ways to get in touch with you and provide various communication channels for this. It is best to offer a wide range of contact options such as e-mail, telephone, social media, live chat, etc. This allows the customer to choose their preferred means of communication. Of course, these should match your target group.
  • Fast response time
    Show your customers that their request is important and that you will take care of it as quickly as possible. For example, you can automatically send a confirmation after receiving the support request. In this way, the customer knows that his message has arrived and will be processed immediately.
  • Exceed expectations
    The customer is king. Instead, check in with the customer more often and make sure you meet all of their needs and they are happy. You can also use anonymous customer surveys to discover new potential for improvement.
  • Personal customer contact Focus
    on your customers. Show that you understand your needs and desires and respond to them personally. Don’t try to sell something that your customer doesn’t even need, but put yourself in their shoes and help them further. When making inventory purchases, keep an eye on previous touchpoints and activities. What interactions have taken place in the past? What products does the customer already own? Are there suitable additional products? Convince with knowledge about your counterpart.
  • Fulfilling promises
    It is important that your customers can rely on you, especially when it comes to long-term purchases and recurring services. Therefore, make sure that you only make promises that you can keep. This strengthens the bond as a reliable partner.

Good customer service with CRM

Personal contact as well as fast and competent advice are the be-all and end-all in customer service. In order for you to be able to implement this optimally, you also need the right tool for your employees. With a CRM system, you keep an eye on all touchpoints and inquiries from your customers and can react quickly. A CRM system supports customer service with these functions.

service tickets

Organize your customer support via a support ticketing system in your CRM solution. The CRM collects all incoming customer inquiries via interfaces and can use algorithms to automatically pre-categorize, prioritize tasks and assign suitable employees. This allows you to process customer inquiries quickly and efficiently and also ensures that an inquiry is not processed by several people at the same time.

360 degree view

A CRM system offers a 360-degree view of your customers and prospects. You have all the important information at hand at all times and you can optimally accompany your prospects along their customer journey. If a support ticket is received, it is automatically linked to the customer. In this way, you also have all the activities, contracts and information you need to process the customer request at hand.

Evaluations and KPIs

With the help of a CRM system, you can easily understand the key figures mentioned above. Have the solution show you how many service tickets are received every day, how many your employees process every day, or how many tickets are still open. The key figures are clearly displayed in the CRM solution.

customer surveys

Ask your customers for feedback to regularly improve your service. You can also create these surveys directly via a CRM system and email them to your customers after purchase or after the support request has been completed. If the customer takes part in the survey, his answers are stored directly in his contact. So you have all the information at a glance again and can build on it the next time you contact us.

Conclusion: Improve the customer experience with customer service

Customer service is an important key to retaining customers in your company in the long term. The more positive experiences they have with your business, the more likely they will buy from you in the future. Therefore, use all contact points with your customer to build a good relationship – even after the purchase, for example via your customer support. Appropriate tools, such as a CRM system, support you with adequate processing.

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