Construction challenges: object management in the CRM

Construction challenges: object management in the CRM

Due to increasing internationalization, increased competition, scarcity of resources and the associated pressure on prices and costs in the construction industry, one thing is particularly important: keeping an eye on the situation. ‘together. Do you know the current status of all open tenders and bids, the start date of construction projects, and the capacities you have available during the execution period? With a CRM solution, you get an overview of the answers to these questions, simplify your customer administration and object management, and optimize your digital customer service.

A CRM solution also offers significant advantages for the support of object management in order to be able to effectively manage and support the field service.

Comprehensive information for a successful project business

Well-founded data networking is particularly important for project activity. This is where the opportunities for large orders and future growth arise for your business. By way of illustration, let’s take the example of a company specializing in the manufacture of cement. In this case, the objective of the sales is to attract tenders for larger residential and office buildings. In order for sales representatives to be able to assess the potential of a construction project as accurately as possible, they need complete information, in particular on:

  • The need: What products are needed and in what quantities?
  • Relationship structures between all parties involved: How do builders, planners and suppliers work together?
  • The market: What are the competitors doing?
  • The specials: What offers were submitted, when and under what conditions?
  • Customers: What communication took place and what turnover does the client generate?

Ideally, you map all of these points using an industry-specific CRM system. This way you get a 360 degree view of all relevant real estate data, assess your sales opportunities even better and exploit your full potential.

Benefits of CRM for the construction industry

Clear management of object management

Speaking of sales opportunities: you register them in the CRM using what is called object management.

What is Object Management?

Object management in construction industry sales refers to the administration of objects and construction projects, as well as a holistic view of all stakeholders, the object’s life cycle and trades. related to the object.

The qualification of construction objects and construction projects is not a one-time process. On the contrary, a construction object is continuously developed. For example, each project has milestones in different sales phases, activities, and deadlines that must be met. Assessing the status of the respective projects is very important for various reasons:

  • Meaningful assessments and dashboards give you a clear overview and identify improvements and market opening potential.
  • Accurate forecasts help you with potential investigations and planning
  • Property valuation and mapping of complex relationship structures with internal and external participants supports all property managers, service and sales employees in processing
  • An overview of the most promising selling objects and product-specific market developments from a central source facilitates the strategic alignment of objectives.

Another advantage of CRM solutions for the construction industry: In a detailed overview, you can not only list sales opportunities specifically related to a property, but also those that are independent of the property. This includes, among other things, requests from resellers who initially buy their products – for example a pallet full of bags of cement – for their warehouse and do not want to use them immediately.

Map complex relationship structures

If you clearly map the complex relationship structures between developers, planners, builders and architects, suppliers, competitors and other construction stakeholders through your CRM, you will also gain a market advantage and be able to exploit new sales potential. The system lets you know what points of contact you have with your business partners and what proportion is one of your competitors.

The better you know the requirements and needs of your trading partners, the more likely you are to use targeted marketing campaigns and offers to capture a competitor’s supply share.

Resource scarcity in the construction industry and building supplies

The issue of the scarcity of resources is also particularly topical. Only companies that offer efficiently and sell as profitably as possible will remain successful in the long term. In many organizations this cannot be guaranteed without CRM support with specific functions for the construction industry and structured sales. Because with a CRM you always have an overview of resources, price changes, current orders and offers, as well as where and when resources are needed and planned.

Access to all relevant data anytime, anywhere

From a technical perspective, managers in the construction and building supplies industry face a special challenge: they don’t always have the option of working from a desk. In order to be able to work as efficiently as possible, all relevant data must also be available on the go. So that you don’t have to work with printed paper checklists on site, you can use a mobile CRM solution on your smartphone or tablet to access important data, information and documents in real time – wherever you are.

Conclusion: Easier to control, analyze and manage

There is an effective solution to successfully control your property management and keep an overview of the complex relationship structures in the construction and building supplies industry: CRM solutions with construction industry-specific functions . You can clearly manage, analyze and control your data on one platform. With just a few clicks, you can find out everything about a customer that is important to evaluating potential sales opportunities. If you use the CRM solution correctly, you will also gain an advantage over your competitors in the market.

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