Mobile CRM: 5 tips for introducing a mobile CRM solution

Mobile CRM: 5 tips for introducing a mobile CRM solution

Quickly accessing important data on the go with a smartphone has become part of our daily lives. This also increases the demands on customer management: customers expect fast response times and want to be addressed and supported individually. For companies, this in turn means that flexible and mobile access to information is indispensable in today’s customer relationship management.

With mobile software solutions for customer relationship management (CRM), companies can focus even more on their customers: as employees perform administrative tasks faster and are always up to date even when on the move, they have more time for essential tasks. The simpler and more intuitive the application, the faster and more efficiently your employees will work with the solution. Our 5 tips show how to successfully introduce a mobile CRM solution and what needs to be considered for secure management of mobile devices.

What is a mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM is customer relationship management software that works specifically on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. This mobile version is compatible with the corresponding desktop version of the CRM system. As a result, data is flexibly available and work can also be done in real time while on the go.

Why is mobile CRM important?

If you’re just looking for something on the internet these days, you’re more likely to use your smartphone than boot up your PC or laptop. Over the past five years, mobile internet usage has grown from 28% in 2014 to 51% in 2019. more consulted on the move. The expectation of being able to access any information at any time is increasing.

A Mobile RCMP makes it possible to consult important business data via a smartphone, etc.. For example, you can consult and modify customer data on the go. This allows you to offer your customers the best possible service. Especially in sales, a mobile CRM makes work easier and guarantees flexible and location-independent collaboration.

What are the benefits of mobile CRM?

  • Flexible access to important data: Prepare and track appointments flexibly, plan visits and control sales activities more effectively
  • Fast response times: react faster to customer requests, adapt, create and send offers
  • Increase efficiency: Use travel times more efficiently, transfer histories and offers to the CRM immediately after the appointment, use additional productivity and motivation potential
  • collaboration: Departments work better together, knowledge of customers and projects is available in real time
  • Single customer relationship: satisfied and knowledgeable employees ensure satisfied customers

What should you consider when introducing Mobile CRM?

tip 1: Pay attention to the flexibility of the CRM solution

Whether preparing customer meetings, planning visits or managing sales: your mobile CRM solution must be adapt flexibly to the growing demands of your business such as industry and platform independent be.

The software must work on all common smartphones and tablets and be adaptable to different end devices. This increases user acceptance. If the solution works well on different platforms and operating systems, it allows for a uniform look and feel.

tip 2: Define the necessary functions with your specialized departments

On site, each employee in contact with customers must be able to access relevant information in real time. With a mobile CRM solution, it makes sense to think about which functions should also be available on the go. The mobile version must be flexible business needs as well as at the requirements of each department adjust.

Users know best which apps add value on the go and which are best left on the desktop. Therefore, involve future users and their experiences in the project at an early stage. Each employee can also freely define his homepage and determine which elements and overviews should be displayed there.

tip 3: Show your users the added value of the solution

The best solution cannot succeed if the workforce does not accept it. Many internal processes change when a mobile CRM solution is introduced to ensure smooth cooperation between office staff and field staff. In order to prevent individual employees or even departments from sticking to old processes, explain the improved scenarios in detail and clearly.

Mobile CRM should simple and intuitive be served. As a result, the added value for users is noticeable, they will be delighted to use the solution. “Mobile Pioneers” can pass on their knowledge to their colleagues during the introduction of the software and are available to answer questions.

tip 4: Do not compromise on data security

Company-owned devices or employees’ private smartphones? Specify in advance on which terminals the mobile CRM solution should be used. Whatever your decision, data security must be guaranteed here.

This safety precautions are mandatory in all cases:

  • All mobile devices must Secure PIN and remotely locked and data cleaned.
  • access rights to central data centrally managed can become.
  • the data must regularly by a central backup be secure.
  • If personnel change, personal data, corporate data, and device software should be deleted.
  • software updates should central on the server take place. Thus, users automatically download updated data each time they call.

tip 5: Choose the right data availability for your business

Should company data also be available offline, i.e. without a data connection? In addition to pure online availability and full offline capability, there is a middle ground: that offline caching. The data last loaded on the mobile device is also available without a data connection – but not the full company data pool. The temporary interruption of a connection is less important. The security of all data is always guaranteed.

Conclusion: With Mobile CRM, all data is always at hand

Mobile CRM gives you flexible access to information and data. This allows you to take care of your customers individually at all times and prepare your business for the future in a targeted manner. When choosing the solution, if you pay attention to flexibility, data security and functionalities that are suitable for your company and accepted by your users, nothing stands in the way of successful use of Mobile CRM.

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